Gastronomic History  

The development of the Calabrian cuisine is marked by creativeness. The strong and decisive flavors originate from a mixture of cultures which through the centuries have characterized the region. Regional dishes display a distinct richness of flavors and genuine quality..

The regional pastas and sauces are many and varied with the sauces prepared with tomatoes, the purest olive oil, and meats such as lamb, veal, beef and pork and, when desired, local hot peppers.

Meats are generally cooked in sauces or grilled. A delightful dish is baby goat with potatoes cooked in the oven with peas and artichokes in season.

Numerous vegetables and greens, adorn the main dishes, eg: stuffed aubergine (eggplant), panfried sweet peppers, and vegetables preserved in olive oil.

Calabrian cheeses and salami are unique specialties. Among the cheeses Provolone Silana and the Del Monte Poro (Vibo Valentia) are favorites, with sausages, pressed meats, and capicolli made of pork the most requested of the meats.

The Ionian coastline is famous for its tuna, swordfish prepared in a thousand ways, fried fish, fish soup, sauces, and oven-baked rolled fish, not to be missed.

Of the long list of wonderful sweet dishes, it is enough to list a few: honey noughat; spiced cakes; sweet pastry with nuts, raisins, chocolate and spices; pita pastry filled with sweet meats; and sweet ricotta cakes. .