Our farmlands are known for their numerous expanses of olive groves, which bear strong-bodied olives, and as a result of careful cultivation, oil pressing, preservation and distribution, the finest-quality oil is attained.



Biological cultivation is widely practiced on our farms. In fact, all cultivation is respectful of the environment, and strives to preserve the highest nutritive and organic qualities of our olives which glow with the sun's goodness and burst with freshness and genuine flavor.

  Olive groves of the firm"Nicola Fonsi" are located in the hills close to the Jonio Sea and in the course of the centuries they have been witnesses of historical important events concerned to roman and greek civilizations. In these lands it is possible to recover the rests of a rich past of culture and traditions (as the archaeological diggings of "Castiglione di Paludi" attest), people that to the olive attributed an important mythological and healthy meaning.



formaggi latte olio